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Our Story, JRP Solutions Ltd.
JRP Solutions Ltd., Professional Software Solutions

We are a Canadian owned and operated company that has been in business since 1992. Managed by forest professionals and software engineers, JRP Solutions currently serves customers across North America and Australia. Our unique level of expertise in forest management gives us an advantage over other forestry software vendors.

Testimonials, JRP Solutions Ltd.

Selection of Customer Testimonials

“We have been using Forest OPS for just over a year and the impact on the ability for us to forecast profile and costs to our mills has been huge. The folks at JRP are not only knowledgeable about our business they are eager and quick to make-things-work for us. I would not hesitate to recommend Forest OPS and JRP to my colleagues in the forest industry.”

Vincent Day, RPF Digital Technology Superintendent, Canadian Forest Products Ltd.

“Port Blakely has used Forest OPS since 2008. In that time, Forest OPS has helped our company better organize, plan and implement our timber harvest program. We now have “real-time forecasting” in our harvest scheduling and financial updates. Additionally, the mobile app gives our field foresters easy access to information. While I have rarely needed to contact technical support, each time I have contacted them a solution is very quick to follow.”

Chris Lunde Harvest and Systems Manager, Port Blakely Tree Farms

“We have utilized the SNAP APP in all our production helicopters running on iPad platforms for at least 5 years. JRP worked closely with us to build custom templates for each type of lifting operation we perform. At the end of each day, our flight crews sync the iPad SNAP program and we get an instant report on daily production statistics via email. We know turn weights, turn times, average weight, total weights and summation for each on cycle, each turn and for each day. This prompt accurate information has become vital in our heli-logging and powerline construction markets.

As the administrator of the service we can easily inject code lists into the templates to be uploaded to the iPads in the helicopter when synced. These lists make drop down selections for the flight crew to quickly select words rather than type them out.

Whenever we have had an occasion to use JRP support, we have had fast, excellent service.”

Brian Mycroft Directory of Projects in Support of Operations and Safety, VIH Helicopters Ltd.

“We have been using SNAP! with the BC Survey template since 2014. There was a bit of a learning curve while we transitioned from the original Survey Wizard program, but overall SNAP! is a good product and it has been improving every year. The reports and deliverables are easy to produce and work well for our clients’ needs.

The support at JRP is phenomenal, with all questions being answered quickly and patiently.”

Derek Hetherington, RPF Program Coordinator, Silviculture Department, Silvicon Services Inc.

“Nearly every piece of our field data collection is done using SNAP, including our environmental management system (EMS), site plans, silviculture surveys, checklists, and road inspections. Once the data is captured it can be analyzed quickly with very little effort, which has streamlined the ability to report accurate results whenever needed.

Overall, we have been happy with the software and the support has been great. I feel like I get personalized service whenever I contact JRP Solutions.”

Brian Marcus, RPF Area Planner, Western Forest Products Inc.

“We love how easy and practical the software is. Approximately 90% of our documentation goes through SNAP and it has greatly helped with quality control.

Where we used to gather paper field data from our crews at the end of the month, data collected remotely on SNAP is now received by our office for instant review and feedback.”

Miles Sanoy Owner, Dynamic Reforestation

“Plant Wizard is very flexible and user-friendly. It includes all the functionality we need and JRP has been adding more great features regularly.”

Brian Marcus, RPF Area Planner, Western Forest Products Inc.

“I like Plant Wizard for setting up planting programs prior to planting startup. With lift numbers and shifting trees around the program, it is very visual to see what trees fit and which ones don’t.

Using the program makes the time-consuming process of balancing trees go quite quickly and it standardizes data handling, which is especially useful when multiple people will be working on a project.

It is also easy to see where seedlots went that do not meet transfer limits and allows me to document and rationalize what we did to make sure the trees went into the correct part of the block.

Plant Wizard makes my life immensely easier with planting programs over 800k trees with more than one planting contractor. It is easier to be more of an active participant in a large planting program.”

Colin Hegan, RPF Silviculture Specialist, Forsite Consultants Ltd.