Privacy Statement for JRP Solutions Ltd. Software Products and Services

As of January 12, 2017


At JRP Solutions Ltd, we take your privacy seriously.

This Privacy Statement for JRP Solutions Ltd. Products and Services (“Privacy Statement”) describes information that JRP Solutions Ltd. (“JRP”) collects, uses, shares, and stores, including personal information (i.e., information that personally identifies you, such as your name, email address, or other data that can be reasonably used to infer this information).

This document focuses on information related to the operation of JRP products and services, including Plant Wizard, The Seed and Seedling Management System (SSMS), SNAP! Data Collection Systems, Forest OPS, and other products from JRP (collectively, “JRP Products”). In this Privacy Statement, the expression “JRP Products” also includes our Web Apps, Mobile Apps, and Subscription Services.


Your Consent:

Consent to data collection and processing. By using JRP Products, you agree to allow us to collect and process information as described in this Privacy Statement.

Some JRP Products may request access to a device’s camera to take photos, photos stored on the device to attach them, the microphone to record voice, and/or location services to get your current location. You must explicitly give consent before the JRP Product will access these features on your device. You may also disable these features at any time after giving consent.

Consent to international data transfers. Your personal information may be collected, processed and stored by JRP or its service providers in Canada, the United States, Australia, and other countries where our servers reside. Please be aware that the privacy protections and legal requirements, including the rights of authorities to access your personal information, in some of these countries may not be equivalent to those in your country.


What information does JRP collect and how is it used?


User provided information:

·         User login and password information used to access JRP Products. We may use this information for support purposes.

·         Contact information (including address, email, phone, fax, company name).

o   We may use this information to contact you from time to time to provide you with important product information and company news. You may opt out of these communications by using the ‘unsubscribe’ feature at the bottom of the email.

o   We may use this information to provide support services to you and your related users.

o   Specific JRP Products may also send you email notifications related to actions performed by you or other users’ actions.

o   Contact information is publicly available to other users of SSMS for viewing owners of ‘Trees for Sale’. This allows prospective buyers to contact owners to arrange purchase.

o   Contact information related to seedlings, locations, and projects on SSMS is available to owners, project contributors, growers, and storage facilities where it pertains to seedlings that they own, have assigned, grew, or have at their location.

o   Contact information for users within your SNAP!, account is available to anyone within your account with Project Manager access or higher.

o   Contact information for users within your SSMS and Plant Wizard account is available to anyone within your account with Account Admin access. Contact information for project contributors (including payroll contractors) is available to any account user or project user related to the project.

o   Contact email addresses for users of SSMS are available to any account user when adding users to accounts and/or projects.

o   Contact email addresses for users of SSMS are available to any payroll account user when adding users to their payroll account.

o   Contact information for users accessing your Forest OPS database is available to anyone with Admin access to the database.


Automatically collected information:

·         Error logs, sync logs, and technical information from the device. We may use this information for support purposes, troubleshooting, and to better improve our products.

·         Plant Wizard and SSMS users post seedling inventories and locations and planting site data on the SSMS website either directly through the website or by syncing application data. We may access this data for support purposes and troubleshooting.

·         Opens, clicks, forwards, subscriptions, and bounces from digital newsletters distributed by JRP. We may use this information to track the reception and effectiveness of the newsletters, as well as manage the list of recipients.


How does JRP use the information it collects?

We use this information to provide, develop and improve JRP Products and services, including to make assessments and recommendations about products. We may use your contact details to send you this information, or to ask you to participate in surveys about your product use, and to send you other communications.

We use industry-standard methods to keep this information safe and secure while it is transmitted over the Internet to our servers. Depending on your location and type of data, JRP may process your personal information on servers that are not in your home country.

In what circumstances does JRP share my information?

Under no circumstance do we share personal information for any commercial or marketing purpose unrelated to the activation and delivery of JRP Products and services without asking you first. Period. We do not rent or sell our customer lists.

The following are the limited situations where we may share personal information:

·         With your explicit consent: We may share personal information when we have your consent. One example of this would be if you invite another user to access the Products on your account as an additional authorized user. Your consent is required to allow these exchanges on your behalf and you can change your mind at any time.

·         As part of business transitions: Upon the sale or transfer of the company and/or all or part of its assets, your personal information may be among the items sold or transferred. We will request a purchaser to treat our data under the privacy statement in place at the time of its collection.

·         For legal reasons: We may provide information to a third party if we believe in good faith that we are required to do so for legal reasons. For example, we may disclose information in response to legal process and we may disclose information in response to lawful requests by public authorities in Canada and other countries for the purposes of law enforcement and national security.

How long does JRP save my personal information and how can I delete it?

JRP generally stores your personal information on JRP’s servers until you delete or edit it.

You can contact JRP at any time to permanently remove your contact information from our records and servers.

Please note that this Privacy Statement may change from time to time. We will provide notice of any changes on the website or by contacting you.

If you have any questions, please contact us at