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Our Story, JRP Solutions Ltd.
JRP Solutions Ltd., Professional Software Solutions

We are a Canadian owned and operated company that has been in business since 1992. Managed by forest professionals and software engineers, JRP Solutions currently serves customers across North America and Australia. Our unique level of expertise in forest management gives us an advantage over other forestry software vendors.

Testimonials, JRP Solutions Ltd.

Selection of Customer Testimonials

“We have used both Plant Wizard and Survey Wizard for the past 6 years and have found both invaluable to our operations. With JRP’s support, we have integrated our safety program and payroll with the standard Plant Wizard features to create a seamless record keeping system that is the backbone of our field operations. I look forward to the introduction of SNAP versions of both Plant and Survey Wizard to further integrate related aspects of our business.”

Tony HarrisonPartner, Zanzibar Holdings Ltd.

“SNAP! has provided Spectrum Resource Group with a flexible, user-friendly and cost-effective field data collection system. JRP Solutions’ sales, technical support and development teams have embraced our feedback and incorporated specific requests through product enhancements. This support is highly valued.”

Deanna McLeodInformation Technology Manager, Spectrum Resource Group

“We currently use Forest OPS as a tool for forecasting harvest, log transportation and log consumption at our mills. Forest Ops is able to manage the complexity of our log flow well and is useful for both short-term and long-term planning. The JRP staff has provided excellent service and endeavour to meet our requests in a timely manner.”

Neil StevensVP Fibre Optimization, Western Forest Products Inc.

“I have been using Plant Wizard for over 7 years as Seedling Stock Coordinator for Weyerhaeuser Coastal and now, Island Timberlands and Western Forest Products. I coordinate over 14 million seedlings a year. Plant Wizard is always improving on their product. From Sowing Request, to online Nursery updated seedling inventories, online seedling stock trades, to seedling shipping. Plant Wizard tracks it all. The Foresters can be kept up to date with accurate information.”

Stan WheatOwner, S J Wheat Reforest Consulting

“Island Timberlands uses Forest Ops to assist with the many aspects of harvest scheduling. From tracking key activities to margin analysis, Forest Ops allows various groups of our organization to access information through easy to use tools and a user friendly interface. The professionals at JRP Solutions Ltd. are always willing to assist in finding solutions to our various challenges and they continually work hard to enhance their product in a timely manner.”

Shawn McLennanProduction Scheduling Forester, Island Timberlands LP

“SNAP has allowed me to create custom digital templates in order to streamline and organize my field data needs. Once the data is captured it can then be analyzed quickly with very little effort, which has streamlined the ability to report accurate results whenever needed.”

Brian Marcus, RPFArea Planner, Western Forest Products Inc. Port Alberni Forest Operations

“We have found the Plant Wizard and plantwizard.com software to be an effective means of managing our seedling administration processes with reduced costs while improving services…JRP has continued to impress me with their desire to improve their product and maintain a high standard of service.”

W.A. Waugh, RPFGeneral Manager, Planning and Forestry Island Timberlands

“SNAP has proven invaluable for managing monthly safety inspections for my falling crews. All my foremen are running iPads, saving us time and money. I’ll never go back to paper.”

Steve VenusBlue Thunder Contracting

“Timberline, like many other reforestation contractors, was required to purchase or lease the Plant Wizard software as part of our contractual obligations with some of our forest company clients. On the surface this seemed like an expensive and onerous proposition. Our time frame for setting up and becoming familiar with the software was very short but the staff at JRP Solutions Ltd. was very helpful. Both my partner and I received one-on-one tutorials and as we used the new software any questions that arose were answered promptly either by phone or email. Once we started using Plant Wizard, various ad hoc spreadsheets and tracking systems that we had used previously for stock deliveries, seedling allocations and tracking of planter daily tallies became redundant. This software also gave us the ability to arrange thaw requests and arrange deliveries of seedlings in a more efficient manner. We are now able to track seedling inventories at the nurseries or storage facilities. Plant Wizard has become a real time and cost saving program for Timberline. Previously, our planter daily tallies were entered into a spreadsheet in the field (remote location) and were then emailed to the office where the bookkeeper would then re-enter the data into the payroll program. This system allowed for errors in payroll to be created. Early on, after starting to use Plant Wizard, we saw that if we could export the planter data from Plant Wizard directly into our payroll program we could help eliminate errors and save time and bookkeeper costs. We approached JRP Solutions and they were able to create a custom report to achieve this goal. This time and cost saving measure alone has allowed us to recoup our initial and maintenance costs.

We have embraced Plant Wizard. Whether our client uses Plant Wizard, and sends us a data download for a project, or we have to manually input data to set up a project in Plant Wizard for our clients that still do not use Plant Wizard we use this software for all of our projects. “

Don WilliamsPresident, Timberline Reforestation (2004) Ltd.

“We have been using the SNAP program since 2008 as part of our Silvicultural Effectiveness Monitoring program. In the field SNAP has saved us time and simplified field surveys by summarizing sampling data and calculating confidence levels. In the office it has saved us a significant amount of staff time through its ability to summarize and compare data, generate reports and transfer and compile information from other district offices. JRP has continually worked to improve their software product and their responses when requesting technical support have been prompt and helpful. SNAP has been a very useful resource to our Silvicultural Effectiveness Monitoring program.”

Ricardo VelasquezDistrict Silvicultural Forester, Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources